Patient Info

New Patients 

Centerpoint Health is accepting new patients of all ages for our locations in Franklin, Middletown, and Norwood, which is now open to the community as of June 2022!

Please click here to register as a new patient or request an appointment.

Are you the parent of a student at Norwood and want your child to receive healthcare at the Centerpoint Norwood School-Based Health Center? We're glad you're here! Click here to register as a new patient, and you can get a head start on paperwork by downloading and completing this special intake packet just for Norwood students: English version | Spanish version.


New Patient Intake Packet

When you arrive for your first appointment at Centerpoint Health, we want to get to know you first.

You will be asked to complete several forms prior to being seen by your provider. To get a head start on these forms, please click here to access the Intake Packet (if you're a Norwood student, use this special school-based health center packet instead.)

Print, complete, and bring these forms with you 20 minutes before your first appointment. If you would like assistance completing any of this information, our staff will be available to help.


Welcome Letter

Our Welcome Letter gives our new patients a brief overview of our patient-provider relationship. Click here to download the Welcome Letter.  

Forms for Established Patients

Other forms which may be relevant to your care at Centerpoint Health are made available here for your convenience.

Release of Information 

Release of Information (ROI) is a form in which we require all new patients to fill out. This form allows our providers to receive your past medical history from previous providers, hospitals, urgent cares, and even specialists that you may have visited. Having these previous records helps ensure we develop the best plan of care for each patient. 

Click here to download the ROI form if you are a patient or parent/guardian authorizing the release of your own records to you or someone else

Click here to download the ROI form if you want your records sent from another medical office to Centerpoint Health

Transition Letters

Our Pediatric to Adult Transition Letter is required to be signed by all patients who are between the ages of 12-14. This letter explains how Centerpoint Health is here to help the youth transition from a "pediatric" patient to an "adult" patient. We want to ensure we help these patients become more independent with their health care by taking the time to educate them one-on-one. 

Click here to download the Transition Letter.