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Board of Directors

The Centerpoint Health Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team, March 2023.

Members of the Centerpoint Health Board of Directors bring their diverse skills and experience to guide Centerpoint Health in its mission of engaging patients in high-quality, accessible, and affordable health care throughout southwest Ohio. The members of the Board generously volunteer their time and serve without compensation, and over half are also patients at Centerpoint Health. 


Neil Tilow*, Board Chair

Kathleen Batliner*, Vice-Chair

Jackie Phillips Carter, Secretary

Pat Ryan, Treasurer

Robert Alexander*

Lauren Bartoszek  

Carla Brooks

Kimberly Collins*                                                           

Lara Crutchfield*

Monteen Gates*

Anaeli Toro Santini*

Duane Stansbury

Sylvia Zatari


 *Indicates members who are also patients of Centerpoint Health