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Patient Experience

Centerpoint Health is well on the way to becoming YOUR medical home.  Check our our progress below! 

Our Patient Ratings: 

  • 92% of patients surveyed in dental feel staff are helpful an friendly.


  • 98.8% of patients surveyed state that they would recommend Centerpoint Health to friends and family members in need of care. The average for other health centers in Ohio is 97%. 

Quality of Care

Quality Measures:

  • Dental - 49.6% of our patients ages 6 to 9 years of age are at moederate risk for dental caries had had dental sealants. The Healhty People 2020 goal is 28.1%. (Healthy People OH-12-2)


  • Blood Pressure - 70.6% of our patinets have blood pressure controlled at less than 140/90. The Healthy People 2020 goal is 61.2% . (Healthy People HDS-12)


  • Colorectal Screenings - 53% of our patients that are age appropriate for colorectal screenings have had them. Centerpoint has increased this number from 16% a few years ago to 53%.  The Healthy People 2020 goal is 70%. (Healthy People C-16)


  • Immunizations - 56% of our children through 2 years of age have age appropriate immunizations.  The average for health centers in Ohio is 34.7%. 


We are continually enrolling patients into Care Management to assist patients in managing their chronic conditions.