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The Road 2 Recovery
The Road 2 Recovery




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Middletown, Ohio | May 21, 2019… Persons thinking about cutting down on alcohol or opioid use now have a new team at Centerpoint Health in Middletown and Franklin.


Centerpoint Health provides primary medical care, dental, pediatric, maternal and gynecological care. They are now adding a Vivitrol Medication Assisted Treatment program.


“At Centerpoint Health we have a great commitment to our community. That is why every time we seek to expand our services to cover all patient needs. We are now offering a Substance use Treatment program to current patients and new patients who make Centerpoint Health their primary care provider,” said Lorie Glenn, Chief Executive Officer of Centerpoint Health.


Our program consist in a medication-assisted treatment with Vivitrol that offer the best chance at recovery. Vivitrol is a monthly shot which reduces cravings and blocks ‘the high’ of either opioids or alcohol. Vivitrol blocks opioid receptors in the brain for one month at a time, helping patients to prevent relapse to opioid dependence, following detox, while they focus on counseling,” explained Lorie Glenn, Chief Executive Officer of Centerpoint Health.


The residents of the Southwest Ohio area looking for a ‘Vivitrol doctor’ need look no farther than the primary care offices of Centerpoint Health. Their substance use counselor Patrick calls his office the ‘no judgement zone’. He is happy to talk with anyone questioning their alcohol or other drug use.


Centerpoint Health’s offices are at 231 N. Breiel Blvd., Middletown and 333 Conover Drive in Franklin.  Appointments can be made at either office at 513 318-1188.


Centerpoint Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center with the mission to engage patients in high quality and culturally sensitive healthcare. Also, offers affordable primary care services, focusing on the medically underserved, unserved, and uninsured.  









5 Years & Counting
5 Years & Counting




Centerpoint Health impacts more than five thousand patients per year

and continues to grow 


Middletown, Ohio | March 2019 Centerpoint Health is celebrating its 5th anniversary. What began as a small company has risen to become a leading service provider in healthcare to the community. 


Centerpoint Health officially opened its doors on February 24, 2014 as a Federally Qualified Health Center. Our mission is to engage patients in high quality and culturally sensitive health services. We also offer affordable primary care services to Southwest Ohio, focusing on the medically underserved, unserved, and uninsured.  


“We provide affordable, high quality, accessible primary care, dental care, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology care and behavioral health services to the community. Our goal is to improve the health outcomes and standard of livings of the communities as a whole,” says Lorie Glenn, Chief Executive Officer of Centerpoint Health.   Centerpoint will be offering Alternative Therapy Services soon and Medication Assistant Treatment services in March. 


Centerpoint Health started this community effort with a location in Franklin, then expanded to Middletown. In the beginning they had 11 employees, now they have more than 50 employees and serve thousands of patients per year.  


“Our growth has been steady along with our expansion of services. We continue with firm steps contributing to our community” explained Ms. Glenn.  We appreciate being part of building a healthier community.